The Power of Prayer

There is no divine power in prayer, but only the power in the personal comfort that the prayer feels. I’m not discounting that power, as this belief and the comfort felt are valuable things. In fact, I envy those who feel comforted by this. I regret that I feel no comfort from prayer.

If prayer really worked, then when the majority of the people praying asked for something, then they’d receive it (more often than not), even if it went against the statistical probability they would. When a woman had cancer, and hundreds of people prayed that she’d be cured, and nobody prayed that she would not, then she’d be cured, right?

Do You Believe?

I’m not really discussing the existence of God. He may or may not exist. I don’t know. Don’t care.

The fact is that prayer has no real power whatsoever. None. Not a bit.

It’s actually a bit worse if God does exist. That means he hears you when you cry out that injustice is being done! But doesn’t care. Yes, he could help, but won’t. He sees the evil being done, but it’s not part of his plan to do anything about it. Fuck him. He’s not worth my worship.

If he exists, he’s not worthy. If he doesn’t, then what does it matter?