No, I’m Not an Effing Christian

I was raised Christian, of a Protestant denomination. Well, actually it was non-denominational. I was raised as a Calvanist.

Even before my wife was diagnosed with cancer, we both looked at the world and wondered at our beliefs. We found an array of things concerning.

First among them was the concept of “his will” and “according to his plan.” This is what the faithful use to explain all events that don’t end up beneficial to we mere humans. It seems odd that this seems okay to the faithful. Why is it okay for pain and death to be part of the plan? Is it really okay to worship a being that knows (all knowing) that his faithful are in pain but won’t help?

Would you allow people to die of cancer if you were a god? Why does the grand immortal being get a pass for this travesty?

There are plenty of people who don’t believe in a god. I don’t really know if there is one either, but I do know at the very least that I refuse to worship the Judaeo Christian version of a god.

If there is a god who could change these things, but chose not to, then he does not deserve my worship. I would gladly join the opposition and fight against this god. Piss on this evil deity.

I’d rather burn in hell than worship a god who let my wife suffer if he had the ability to make it otherwise. Fuck that god.

But after all that, I don’t think that god exists. There are too many inconsistencies.